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Termites are often referred to as 'white ants'. They are an insect and look similar to ants, however they are not related. Termites are much paler and have no 'waist' like a true ant. Ants are actually related to wasps and bees and termites are related to cockroaches.

Termites live in colonies and each colony consists of a queen, a king, workers and soldiers. The job of the worker termite is to look after the eggs and young, feed the king and queen, build the nest and forage for food. The soldier termites have the job of protecting the colony.

When conditions are right you may see termite alates (or flying termites). These young winged males and females have left their existing colony to attempt to start new colonies.

In Australia we have hundreds of species of termites. Some are beneficial to the environment, feeding on dead decaying wood and plant matter making them very good recyclers. However there are a few species that cause damage to our homes and properties. This is because they are constantly searching for the cellulose found in wood. They are subterranean which means they travel underground looking for potential food sources. Unfortunately an unprotected or poorly protected structure means that there is a high risk of termite attack. It is estimated that one in three homes will be attacked at some stage during their existence. Termites could be present long before obvious signs of activity are detected. This is why it is highly recommended to have regular termite inspections and have preventative measures in place.


At Insight Pest Control we perform thorough inspections of all properties and can provide recommendations to assist you in safeguarding your premises from termites. Another benefit of using Insight Pest Control is we are a family owned and operated business. This means that you deal with the same people every time.

Have you found termites or possible evidence of termites?

Please do not disturb them or spray them with fly spray.

Contact Insight Pest Control to arrange a thorough inspection of the property or to book a quote.

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What are termites and white ants?

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