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pest control adelaide
At Insight Pest Control we have the experience and knowledge to help keep your home or business pest free. Offering solutions for a variety of pesky critters including but not limited to spiders, ants, earwigs, millipedes, cockroaches, rats and mice. We provide our services throughout Adelaide, surrounding suburbs and rural SA.
General pests such as spiders are controlled by thoroughly treating your property using low odour chemical products. We pay careful attention to places they like to hide such as eaves, windows, and doorframes. Our treatments are typically applied inside and outside and when necessary in other areas such as the roof void.
Ants are generally controlled using a liquid bait in small stations. The bait is specifically formulated to keep them under control. However depending on the level of infestation we may recommend a combination of methods.
Rats and mice (rodents) are controlled using a specialised baiting system. Tamper resistant stations are placed in areas of activity and can be refilled with bait periodically. At the time of your treatment we will assess your rodent problem and make recommendations for a rodent control program if necessary.
Bee and wasp problems are eradicated using a specialised dust. Although these insects are beneficial to the environment, occasionally a swarm will attempt to make a hive around or in a property which can be troublesome or dangerous.
Cockroaches can be controlled using a variety of methods. This can include the use of gels and insecticides. The type of treatment required will depend on the level of infestation.
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Pest control adelaide
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