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Termite Control

Old termite damage located in doorframe

White ant Control

Termite damage located in shed frame

Photo 28-6-19, 10 11 25 am

Termite workings located behind skirting boards

Termite control adelaide

Termites were found on the slab edge of this property. The colony was eliminated using a specialised termite bait.

termite control adelaide

Evidence of termite workings in architrave.

termite treatment adelaide

Above ground termite bait station. Applied directly to an area where active termites have been found.

termite treatment adelaide

Inside the above ground termite bait station. You can see the termites have filled the station with their workings and have consumed the bait inside. The bait is replenished periodically until the colony is eliminated.

termite treatment adelaide

Termite galleries were found throughout this wood pile. The wood was stored inside a garden shed.

pest control adelaide

A cupboard inside a property where termite workings and damage was found.

pest control adelaide

Termites intercepted using our inground bait stations.

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