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Termite baiting systems

The termite (white ant) baiting systems we use are environmentally friendly and are a non-invasive, safe way to protect your property from termite attack. Bait stations continue to provide effective protection long after liquid barriers have degraded into the soil. However the stations can be used in conjunction with other barrier systems such as a chemical barrier.

Termite baiting systems are installed around the exterior of your structure. The baiting systems are designed to intercept termites before they reach your building. Depending on your property and if there is an existing problem you may need in-ground stations, in-concrete stations, above ground stations or a combination of the three.

We inspect and maintain your baiting system for you at regular times throughout the year. If termites are found a uniquely formulated bait is used to eradicate the concern.

Insight Pest Control are professionals in pest control and termite management in Adelaide. We can recommend the most appropriate termite control for your property. This is largely dependent on the structure that needs protecting and if there is an existing problem that needs to be rectified.

Have you found termites or possible evidence of termites?

Please do not disturb them or spray them with fly spray.

Contact Insight Pest Control to arrange a thorough inspection of your property or to book a quote.

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