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termite control adelaide

Termite infestations often go undetected until obvious signs of damage occur. Termite damage can be easily prevented through the use of regular inspections and treatments. Insight Pest Control offer services to deal with active infestations as well as preventatives.


Insight Pest Control are professionals in termite control in Adelaide. We can recommend the most appropriate termite control solution for your property. This is largely dependent on the structure that needs protecting and if there is an existing problem that needs to be rectified.

The importance of a termite inspection should never be overlooked.  Regular inspections should be carried out to ensure your property remains termite free. A termite inspection is one of the most important aspects of termite management.

We perform thorough inspections of all properties and can provide recommendations to assist you in safeguarding your premises from termites.

For more information about the various methods we use please contact us via phone or email. Alternatively use the links below or make a selection from the drop down menu at the top of this page.

What are termites and white ants?

Termite Baiting Systems

Chemical barriers and treatments

New constructions and renovations


Have you found termites or possible evidence of termites?

Please do not disturb them or spray them with fly spray.

Contact Insight Pest Control to arrange a thorough inspection of your property or to book a quote.

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Termites (white ants)

bait systems for termite control
Termite control
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white ant control
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